This portion … In this 2018 Travel Nursing Tax Guide we will cover: Travel Nurse Tax Deductions such as Tax-Free Stipends and Reimbursements, Tax Homes, Reasons for Taxable Income and Tips to pay less tax … Travel Nurse Tax Guide. Travel Nursing Without a Tax Home: Comparing Pay Packages. Under this type of plan, the amount of your travel stipend is included in your taxable income on your W-2 form and is also subject to FICA taxes -- Medicare and Social Security. Establishing a tax home allows you to take deductions for travel expenses to other cities or states while keeping the untaxed income in your contract untaxed. This is what is usually referred to as a daily stipend, or per diem rate. Tax … Deciphering the travel nursing pay structure can be complicated. If you determine that there is no way you can establish and maintain a tax-home, then you should compare the pay package with your … Per Diem Expenses The IRS has procedures for reimbursing employees a fixed rate for travel … Tax homes, tax-free stipends, hourly wages, bonuses, benefits, housing, and reimbursement are all factors to consider when understanding your travel nursing pay. Travel nurses generally qualify for tax-free stipends if they meet two of the three requirements for tax … Many travel nursing agencies pay a daily rate to cover room and board, meals, incidentals, travel expenses, and more.
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