We have also developed complete product lines of PACSafe arc resistant switchgear as described in our Arc Resistant Brochure. at 635 Vac as defined by ANSI C37.20.7. We have also built and tested Arc Resistant Catenary switchgear for the railroad industry at 25Hz. If a switchgear section is connected All Arc Resistant … SafeGear,® medium-voltage, arc-resitant, switchgear. Information on particular installations appears in the following: • Bills of Materials that list electrical devices and equipment. Arc Resistant Nameplate Label Arc resistant nameplate nameplate nameplate Roof baffle Removable side barriers (optional) Rodent barrier (bottom plate) NOTE: The Schneider Electric arc resistant switchgear offer is ANSI C37.20.7 Type 2B rated for 100 kAIR for 500 msec. Arc Resistant Switchgear. These instruc-tions do not attempt to cover all variations and combinations of equip-ment and installations.
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