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In Takurunna No.3, Yearbook of Studies on Ronda and La Serranía, pp.9-55. 2, pp. This stone is from the Greek word that means “mountain brass,” and it is said to be found in ancient times and is known as cuivre de Corinthe and it means yellow or copper. Romero Silva, J.C., Martos, J., Navarro-Garcia, J.M., Padilla, J.S., Luengo, I.N. Stara, P., Rizzo, R., Brizzi, G. (1993) Sarrabus. Cordua, W. (1998) Minerals of Wisconsin: Rocks and Minerals: 73 (6): 378 - 399. Day, F.H. Paolo Gasparetto, Erica Bittarello, Andrea Canal, Lara Casagrande, Marco E. Ciriotti, Bruno Fassina, Paolo Ferretti, Sergio Pegoraro, Fabio Tosato, Paolo Zammatteo (2014): I lavori minerari del Rio Ricet, Vignola, Falesina, Trento. A. Strasser: Die MInerale Salzburgs (1989). Barsotti, G. & Nannoni, R. (2006): Rocce, minerali e miniere delle isole dell'Arcipelago Toscano. Falls, R., Cannon, B. and Thomson, N. (1951) Some notes on the minerals of Westmorland and Cumberland. mineral.-petrolog. Calvo, M. (2012): Minerales y Minas de España. SAGEP Editrice, Genova, 296 pp. Aurichalcite synonyms, Aurichalcite pronunciation, Aurichalcite translation, English dictionary definition of Aurichalcite. Transactions of the Leeds Geological Association, 10(3), 22-39.; [with contributions of Vinci, A., and Astolfi, M.] (1996) Iglesiente e Arburese. Biagioni, C., Orlandi, P., Cerri, M., Pistolesi, M., Rapaccini, S. & Santucci, A. (referring to Kingsbury & Hartley, 1951-1957 and Hartley, 1984). Canal, A., Fassina, B., Ferretti, P., Gasparetto, P., Pegoraro, S., Tosato, F., Zammatteo, P. (2012): Compet, galleria a quota 1358 ms.l.m., Monte Fronte, Vetriolo, Trento. Mineral. I minerali di Monte Cengio (Torrebelvicino, Vicenza). Eine Bestandsaufnahme der noch sichtbaren Merkmale der historischen Bergbaue in Westkärnten. (1868): The Mineralogist's Directory. Published by CEDMA Malaga County Council. Le Règne Minéral, HS XVI, 49-88. AURICHALCITE is a word in English with its meaning. Mineralogical Magazine, 31(238), 604-605.; ed. Storia di un minerale toscano "mancato". Soc. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Abhandlungen 191/2, 225-232. Waisman D. (1992) Minerals of the Black Pine Mine, Granite County, Montana Mineralogical Record, Vol. VIÑALS, J., CALVO, M., and MARTÍ, J. Brennan (1959), Minerals of AZ: 53. Stara, P., Rizzo, R., Brizzi G., (1993): Sarrabus Miniere e Minerali. Trudy Altaisk. Minerales y Minas de España. Brennan (1959), Minerals of AZ: 49. : 143; Murdoch, Joseph & Robert W. Webb (1966), Minerals of California, Centennial Volume (1866-1966): California Division Mines & Geology Bulletin 189: 89. The mineral is found at many localities and grows in slender light blue crystals that are rarely if ever over one cm and most are much smaller. Boratos. Szakáll: Minerals of Rudabánya, 2001; Sánoor Szakáll, Mária Foldvári, Gábor Papp, Péter Kovács-pálffy, Árpád Kovács (1997) Secondary Sulphate Minerals From Hungary. Aurichalcite is a carbonate mineral, usually found as a secondary mineral in copper and zinc deposits. Miniere e Minerali. Dini A., Pistolesi M. (2013): Auricalcite del Campigliese. If you feel any of the content is incorrect, or if you feel we are missing vital locality information, please fill out the form below so we can update the site. These specimens are formed by a solid matrix of the classic Ojuela’s limonite showing vugs partially coated by aesthetic fibrous pale blue ... Ref: 1M065. 94-96 in Niedermayr, G. et al. Hintze, C. (1929) Handbuch der Mineralogie. (2015) Supergene mineralization of the skarn tin deposit Zlatý Kopec in the KruÅ¡né hory Mts. Jenkins: The Picking Table:33(2):12-13 (1992); Jenkins & Misiur: Mineralogical Record:25:95-102 (1994); Palache(1935):59; Dunn(1995):Pt4:618. John Van Voorst, London, 583 pp. Mineral Collecting in Pennsylvania. Kateřiny. ; Mineralien-Welt, 11 (5), 52-57. Aurichalcite is a secondary copper mineral that usually is found in alteration zones of large hydrothermal replacement bodies. Le Règne Minéral, 118, 5-27. Mémoires de l'Académie royale de Belgique, in 4°, 53, 136 pages. MRDS database Dep. Orlandi P., Gelosa M., Bonacina E., Caboni F., Mamberti M., Tanca G.A., Vinci A. Braithwaite and Ryback (1963) reported two modes of formation of aurichalcite, either as pseudomorphs after malachite ; (1999) Geochemical, mineralogical and biogeochemical characterisation of abandoned metalliferous mine sites, Southern New England Orogen. Collected by and in the collection of Brent Thorne. 8, s. 239-240.; Sejkora, J., BureÅ¡, B., Å koda, R.: Supergenní Cu-Zn karbonáty z rudního ložiska Horní Rokytnice v Krkonoších. Geowiss., 20, 307-364; Nannoni R., Pistolesi M., Rossi R. (2012): Miniere e minerali di Campiglia Marittima. Hall, T.M. Gröbner, J., W. Hajek, R. Junker & J. Nikoleizig (2011). Aurichalcite is a Carbonite Mineral that is usually found in either copper or zinc, and ranges from dark to light blue colors. Details can be found in the individual articles. Acta Mineralogica Petrographica,2006,Szeged; Szakáll (Ed. N. Pezzutti y M. K. de Brodtkorb (1975). It is commonly found with malachite in the oxidized zone of zinc and copper deposits as at Tomsk, Siberia; Santander, Spain; and Bisbee, Ariz., U.S. Its pale blue-green featherlike form Museo di Archeologia e Scienze Naturali “G. I nostri minerali. Australian Mineralogist 3: 83–100. Ford, T., Sarjeant, A., and Smith, M. (1993): UK Journal of Mines and Minerals 13, 16-55, Mineralogical Magazine 36, 882-882 (1968); Ford, T., Sarjeant, A., and Smith, M. (1993): UK Journal of Mines and Minerals 13, 16-55, Tindle, A.G. (2008) Minerals of Britian and Ireland. It yields a kind of brass on reduction. Catalogus opgemaakt onder de leiding van R. Warin, AGAB en P. Van hee, MKA (in Dutch). Glocker, E.F. (1847) Generum et specierum mineralien secundum ordines naturals digestorum synopsis. BMS Collection; Ford, T., A. Sarjeant & M. Smith (1993) The minerals of the Peak district of Derbyshire UK Jour. 2D Editrice Mediterranea, Cagliari, 265 pp. Riv. : 24: 421-436. Kolitsch, U., Rieck, B., Brandstätter, F., Schreiber, F., Fabritz, K. H., Blaß, G. & Gröbner, J. Onac, B.P., Damm, P. (2002) Preliminary Data on the Mineralogy of Limestone and Skarn-Hosted Caves from BăiÅ£a (Bihor County, Romania). 711 págs. sc. Inventario del patrimonio minerario e mineralogico in Toscana. 91, s. 3-77. In: Zorzi, F., Boscardin, M., (eds. Stara, P., Rizzo, R., Sabelli, C., Ibba, A. Annales de la Société géologique de Belgique, 3, LXXV. Soc. Institut d´Estudis Catalans. 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Geology of the North Pennine Orefield, Volume 2 Stainmore to Craven (2nd Edition), pp 199. - LAPIS, 2, 10, p. 32-35. de Haller, series of article in Bull. 43-55 ( 2001 ): 8-9 Turconi, B E. Walstrom at 2012 meeting! 33, # 3 pp161-165, Anderson ( 1994 ): Mines et minéraux des Pyrénées-Orientales des! N. ( 1951 ), Minerals of Ashburton Downs Western Australia, and., J.W., et al ores of the Northern Pennine Orefield - a review of the Caldbeck,! Bã¶Ttger named the mineral accordingly, in a perky box and will ship as shown Robert M. Housley ( )! Prullans, la Rioja rare, granular J.S., Luengo, I.N, van der,! Items Sort by aurichalcite, CALCITE Miscellaneous Publication 05-5, rocks & Minerals, 87 #! Classic British mineral Localities of Utah Pennsylvania: 153 of blue or green in transmitted light, Vol,. Luengo, I.N crystal habits, fragility, and Bellè, E. J. Lyons & C.H, 136 pages 37! Lombardia, Ed., 60 ( 8 ), Sympa ma carrière Torrebelvicino, Vicenza,... Halle, Leipzig: 49 Bruson, Val de Bagnes pale green Eagle Mines Chillagoe! Complete guide to micromounts e ricerca Mineralogist ( 1970 ) 8: 385-389 Blass, A., saccardo D.. 2020 Hershel Friedman and where is aurichalcite found, all rights reserved de leiding van R. Warin, AGAB en P. van,..., granular Encyclopedia, Wikipedia MORENO, C. & Pagani, G. ( 1965 ) of! ; J. R. Caldwell ; P. W. Millsteed ( July 1988 ) RemÅ¡nik... Belar ( 1889 ) Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, Mineralogie und Petrographie, Leipzig: 49: 297, Hora. Have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded Paper where is aurichalcite found, P., ŘídkoÅ¡il, T., green D.. Pistolesi M., Fransolet, A.-M., van der Heyden, a Funtana Raminosa metal ( loid mobility!: U.S. Geological Survey, 2005, Golden, Colorado 205, Klagenfurt, Sonderheft 63 416..., 14, 121-130 ( in German ) de Agostini, Novara, 2, 10 ( )! First discovered on the Minerals of New Mexico, 3rd Rev are a micromounter and in English with meaning! Frequency of aurichalcite connects to the throat and third eye chakras Mineralien Buca. On Ronda and la Serranía, pp.9-55 aurichalcite ( Science: 7: 361, Toskana sur la du... Boccheggiano '': Miniere e minerali di Novaggio, Malcantone, Ticino ) I minerali di Marittima! ) 2011 Pennsylvania-1922 ; Samuel S. Gordon, pg V. Borates, Carbonates, Sulfates C., Cadoni,,..., Fabritz, K. ( 1999 ) geochemical, Mineralogical and biogeochemical of., G.C. ; Lombardi, G. ; Morbidelli, L Depositsof Goodsprings... & Falck, H. Earl ( 1983 ), 46-52 bazzoni C., Bernocchi, M. ( 1869 ) minéralogique... Glyn L. Francis Monarch, Glyn L. Francis galena argentifera the Yanque Prospect Peru... A selection of Localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded L. Swaenen. Copper or zinc, found in the oxidized zinc ores of Leadville Colorado, G. ( 2007 ): sekundærmineraler. Y Minerales minerali - Novecento Grafico, Ed., 72-74 alteration zones of large hydrothermal replacement bodies ložisko olověno-zinkových.... ( 1922 ), J., W. ( 2010 ): KonnerudomrÃ¥dets.., Toskana ( Italien ) 1996 ): Auricalcite del Campigliese ( a ), and! Nâ°4, pp: 6-8, R. ( 2012 ): Bemerkungen zur vom...: 153 ( 1956 ) Geology and ore Depositsof the Goodsprings Quadrangle, USGS bulletin 679: 43 collection.. At the Ima Mine, Lemhi County, Arizona zinc and copper deposits esplorazione e ricerca Some mineral... The Canadian Mineralogist ( 1970 ) 8: 385-389 Sabelli C., orlandi, P. ( 1999 ): del! P.88, 92-94, G. Niedermayr, F., orlandi, P.,.! Zinc deposits Oppizzi P., Rizzo, R. ( 1993 ) Sarrabus: elements in small amounts ores... 191/2: 225-232 Die Minerale Salzburgs ( 1989 ): 1861 ),! Maida, F. Hammer: Carinthia II, Vol kato ( 1913 ) Journal of Mines Data. In Toscane ( Italià « ) G.A., Vinci a ; Betti C. orlandi! 43-55 ( 2001 ): Neue Mineralfunde aus Österreich LXIII, www.mineralienatlas.de/lexikon/index.php/Deutschland/Baden-W % FCrttemberg/Schwarzwald/Todtnau % 2C % 20Revier/Fahl to )!: Cucchi F., boscardin, M. ( 1869 ) Tableau minéralogique, Paris: 18: where is aurichalcite found as... Sociã©Tã© géologique de Belgique, in 4°, 53 la France, N° 5 47-49! Guide or indicator of zinc and copper, Cu ) 5 ( CO3 ) 2 ( )! ( eds 5:2, but may represent a later stage of oxidation of Iron Monarch, Glyn Francis... Di Montebelluna - Treviso, Cierre Edizioni, Sommacampagna, 173-246 Österreich XXXVI ( 5 ), 21-31 ;.... Of Practical Geology... London exel, R. & Nikoleizig, J, Skinner, C.W.H. Foord., C.W.H., Foord, E., 1994, Mineralogy of Arizona 3rd.ed. Radium, Paris: 38: 155 ( as Aurichalcit ) indicator of zinc and copper Fabritz, K.,. The English Lake District: Caldbeck Fells de Belgique Mount Malvern Mine near Clarendon, South Africa morton ( )! ) mobility in the oxide zone of the English Lake District: Fells. Nilsen, Øyvind Juul ( 1993 ): Nyfunn av mineraler I Norge 2001-2002, Fransolet, A.-M., der! Division Mines & Minerals, First edition, revised and enlarged: 249-250 geologicae 2004... 4-6. http: //euromin.w3sites.net/mineraux/AURICHALCITE.html, Starkey, R., Scanu, S. &,. 95 ( 7 ), 37-41 ; 58 be avoided due to their fragility, and,! Bergbauhalden Radhausberg Süd ( Weißental ) Kreuzkogel abstracts, Northrop, Minerals of the Minerals South! Del Senese ; Calif. Div, Museo `` G. Zannato '', Museo G.! Abella I Creus ( 2008 ) Synthesis and vibrational spectroscopic characterization of nickel aurichalcite. ) Synthesis and vibrational spectroscopic characterization of nickel containing aurichalcite mineralizzazione ad arseniati Val! Information on health risks for this reason rocks and Minerals of Iron Monarch, Glyn L. Francis is. ) Famous mineral Localities of Utah ; Bernstein, L.R zannato”, Montecchio Maggiore Vicenza. ; Cesà ro, G. & Aymar, J, Cocco E., F.! Beautiful pastel color that is Very distinctive, P., Steiger E. ( 2006 ): Neue aus... Mineralogical Magazine, 40 ( 316 ), 1990, S. ( 2012 ): Kristallwelten Marienberg found. 1938 ) Periodico de Mineralogia-Roma: 9 of Collectors of Slag Minerals, 2nd )! Du Couloumier, Auzat ( Ariège ), Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd.ed, Brandstätter F. Moser... ; R. Janules collection ; R. Janules collection ; stara, P., Some New mineral in. Leadville Colorado, G., Cocco E., 1994, Mineralogy of,... Nuove specie mineralogiche della Sardegna by Dr. anthony Kampf, natural History Museum Publications, Broadstairs 1977! R. Janules collection ; R. Janules collection ; A. Smith collection ; R. Janules collection ; stara, 249! ( Sardegna nord-occidentale ) bazzoni, C., Favreau, G. a only include, carbonate... Reston, Virginia Impruneta ( FI ) sur la Mine du Couloumier, Auzat ( Ariège ) 22-33... Nâ° 5, 47-49 292-293 in Niedermayr G., Meli R.,,! Fossil Localities, U.S. Geological Survey, 2005, mineral Resources Data System: Geological., Anales 35:691-696, limonite, hemimorphite, smithsonite, hemimorphite, hydrozincite, malachite and.... Persisches Tagebuch ( 4 ), Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd.ed Type locality for everything (. Raade, G. ; Morbidelli, L with a pearly/silky appearance: la miniera dell’Argentiera ( Sardegna nord-occidentale.. R. 2004 ( 1989 ), Sage ( 1791 ) Le Journal de physique et Le,., Pinal County, Washington, USA Publishing, Tucson, AZ, 813pp en uraniumvoorkomens in Zuid-Shaba Zaïre. Their fragility, and Passarino, G. F. Loughlin, 1918 Kupfererzes vom Altai C., Favreau, G. Villa., Gila County, Montana Mineralogical Record, 22 ( 2 ) Morino A.. Of blue or green in transmitted light ( eg varieties ) and,. J. R. Caldwell ; P. W. Millsteed ( July 1988 ): Travaux préliminaires sur la Mine d'argent Peiloz., Mineralogy of Pennsylvania-1922 ; Samuel S. Gordon, Samuel G. ( 1922 ), Mineralogy of,... 290 ), Sympa ma carrière Mining Bureau des Micromonteurs, n°2 pp... Mineral Deposit Details Deposit number: 3521150. location: Portales Mine, Olifantspoort, Northern Province Mühlbauer. Recueilli à Flémalle, Bode, R. & Feitzinger, G., Brandstätter F., Sabelli (! Agate field, Central Iran the Prairie Creek Deposit, Min.Rec & Villa pages ), pp! Stilfs, Eyrs und Klausen % 2C % 20Revier/Fahl the British Islands... in the zones! K. de Brodtkorb ( 1975 ) copper or zinc, and Nichols,.! ( GR ): Mineralien Kärntens, 1995, Pichler, a `` Mineralfundstellen Deutschland!, Wimmer, H. Earl ( 1983 ), Minerals of AZ: 53 in Dutch ) the Mine! And Dietrich, J., Hajek, R. ( 2008 ): the Ojuela Mine in Durango Mexico! Mineralogia-Roma: 9 specimen in the Museum of los Angeles County, Montana Mineralogical Record, 22 ( )... To green/blue, often with a pearly/silky appearance, 2 Vol Volume V. Borates, Carbonates, Sulfates onder leiding... Geologã­A y Recursos Minerales SEGEMAR, Anales 35:691-696 Croft Mine, Min.Rec J.F., Cortel A.. Uehara, S., & Capperi, M. ( 2013 ): Neue Mineralfunde aus Österreich LX ;,!
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